Dazzling Durban

Moses Mabida

We tend not to notice how truly amazing the land of our birth is, and what a rich history is all around.

Having returned to SA after living in London for ten years, I am looking at the city I live in , in a whole new light basically as a tourist.

I am a city girl from the amazing city of Durban………

The history of Durban is very varied and starts with the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama seeing the coast of Natal on Christmas Day in 1497.Natal is the Portuguese word for Christmas and this remained even when the British Settlers arrived but called it Port Natal. The 1st British settlers arrived in 1824.

Durban is home to the largest Indian population outside of India. Most Indians like myself are descendants of migrants from Colonial India. The first Indians in KwaZulu Natal arrived in 1860 with big dreams that were promised to them by the British before leaving India. Life for these new settlers were difficult with bad living conditions. But this didn’t stop the Indian community from making significant contributions to their new home in KwaZulu Natal.

All these events have lead to the rich and colourful history of my city.

Durban, today is a popular tourist destination attracting local and international tourists to this warm city. Some of the popular tourist places include Ushaka Marine World and Moses Mabida Staduim especially built for the FIFA World Cup 2010.

The Moses Mabida stadium is an amazing designed stadium that can be seen from various part of Durban. The arch was designed using inspiration from Wembley Stadium and the South African Flag. The Arch represents the once divided Nation coming together. There is a cable car which visitors can use that takes them to the top of the Arch to a viewing platform offering a breathtaking view over the city and the Golden Mile. The Stadium also has the World’s largest swing which allows adrenalin seeking visitors to get their fix. The Stadium is host to various concerts, local and international sporting events. The stadium is also home to a very popular gym and various eating places. Many enjoy the social atmosphere of these venues around the Stadium although they close earl. Any visitor to Durban is advised to visit this gorgeous Stadium which forms the skyline of Durban.

Another must see in Durban is Ushaka Marine World, this must see is dived into 4 parts uShaka Sea World, uShaka Wet n Wild, uShaka Beach and uShaka Village Walk.

uShaka Sea World is the 5TH largest aquarium in the world and is home to a large variety of sea life. The underground Aquarium is designed around 5 shipwrecks which is home to several restaurants, so one can appreciate the creatures of the sea while enjoying a lovely meal. There are daily Dolphin and Seal shows , as well as a Dive centre for Scuba enthusiasts, shark diving for the brave and snorkelling lagoons with 1500 fish to see. The Wet n Wild theme park has numerous slides and is a fun day out for the whole family .The Village Walk which has been designed to look like a traditional African Village is home to various eateries and souvenir shops. uShaka Pier is home to a great eatery and cocktail bar .

So do pay my amazing city a visit Summer or Winter its still amazing !

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